What Are Police Checks For?

What Are Police Checks For?


John M Martin

A police check is a certification that someone can get to demonstrate that they are free from criminal records and to show that they have legal right to work in the country. This is something that is highly beneficial for employers to help them avoid a number of serious situations.


The first reason that an employer might want an employee to get a police check is so that they can have a visa check. This will basically ensure that they are legally allowed to work in the country and that they are not an illegal immigrant. This is very important as it is against the law to employ illegal immigrants and it is something that falls to the employer to watch out for. In other words if you use the defence that you \’didn\’t know\’ that your workers weren\’t permitted to work in the country, then this isn\’t going to be good enough to get you out of trouble and you will still be forced to pay a fine and suffer a slur on your company name. The reason for this is partly that some companies would otherwise purposefully employ illegal immigrants in order to get around rules like minimum wage or tax. At the same time this would then encourage more illegal immigrants to enter the country. Another reason that you might want to get a police check or \’CRB\’ check as it is known in some areas (criminal record check) is to ensure that your employee is not concealing any previous record of criminal activity. It is not against the law of course to employ an ex convict, but it might nevertheless be something that an employer doesn\’t want to do in all circumstances. For instance someone who works with children will always need to have a police check to ensure that they are safe to work around them and that they have no history of violence that might put the children at risk. Again if something were to happen and it was to come out that the worker had a history of abuse, then it would be so damaging for the company that it would likely have to close down – not to mention the damage it would do to the child and the moral aspect which should be motivation enough. Likewise if you had someone who was working in a medical store or a doctors who had a history of substance abuse, this too could be potentially very dangerous and it would be highly important to ensure that you avoid them getting near the opiates etc. For employees a police check is a highly effective way to make yourself potentially more employable. This is because it will allow you to do the work for your employer and to more quickly move through the interview process. Even when it is not called upon at your place of work, it can help to put their mind at rest and potentially give you an edge over the competition for the role.

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