Ripper Bulldozer (Sd8 N Bulldozer)}

Ripper Bulldozer (SD8N Bulldozer)



Ripper Bulldozers are used in land clearing operations where heavily compacted soil or frozen ground must be separated, allowing easier grading and dozing to take place. The steel shanks penetrate the surface of the soil to break and loosen it, enabling the bulldozer blade to move the soil.

SD8N bulldozer is track-type dozer with elevated sprocket, hydraulic direct drive, semi-rigid suspended and pilot hydraulic controls. Equipped with hydraulic-mechanic type torque converter, planetary, power shift transmission. It can be used in road building, hydro-electric construction, land clearance, port and mine development

Engine – Chongqing Cummins NT855-C280S10

Engine Rated Power (185 KW/248 HP)

Operating weight 23, 800 Kg (without ripper)

Pilot joy stick hydraulic control

Elevated sprocket ITM track and sprockets

ROPS and air-conditioned cabin, LED Lights

Semi-rigid suspended track system


Make:Chongqing Cummins

Model:Chongqing Cummins NTA855-C360S10

Type:Air to air after cooled, mechanical injector

Cooling System Type:Water cooled

Turbo charged:Yes

Rated Power (KW/HP):257/345

Rated Revolution (rpm):2100

Maximum Torque (N.m/rpm):1353/1400

No. of cylinders:6

Bore x Stroke (mm):140 x 152

Displacement:14 L

Fan Drive type:Mechanical

Min ground clearance (mm):556

Compression rate:14.5: 1

Fuel filter:2

Fuel System Type:Chongqing Cummins type, mechanical control fuel injection


Alternator:24V / 50A

Starting motor:8 KW

Battery Rating:2 x 12V, 120 Ah

LED Lights:Yes


Torque convertor / Clutch:Torque Convertor

Type:Power separating hydraulic mechanical type

Transmission/Gear Box:Transmission Type

Type / Model:Power shift planetary transmission with 3 speeds forward and 3 speed reverse, speed and direction can be quickly shifted

No. of gear forward:3

No. of gear backward:3

Max forward speed:10.8

Max reverse speed:13.9

Maximum drawbar pulls:1st gear – 250.9 KN 2nd gear – 230.4 KN


Operation type:Pilot hydraulic control

Hydraulic pump

Type:Gears oil pump

Capacity / Discharge:220 (L/min)

Relief pressure / Max pressure:20 Mpa

Hydraulic cylinders

Type:Double acting piston type

Double acting piston type:2 / 120 x 1425

Blade tilt (No. of cylinders/bore x stroke):1 / 180 x 203

Ripper: (No. of cylinders /Bore x Stroke (mm)):Ripper digging: 2 / (165.1 x 445) Ripper lift: 2 / (180 x 280)

Control Valves Type:Pilot operated with joystick control


Type:The steering clutch is hydraulic pressed, usually separated clutch

Steering Control:Hydraulically operated


Track gauge (mm) / Track pitch:2083

Track rollers (each side):8

Carrier rollers (each side):1

Track shoes (each side):44

Shoe width (mm):560mm

Ground pressure:94 Kpa including ripper and blade

No. of idler (each side):2


Engine:Replaceable cartridge filter

Transmission:One magnetic oil strainer and replaceable element by-pass filter

Steering & Braking:One magnetic oil strainer and replaceable element by-pass filter

Hydraulic System:Return filter


Operating mass (kg) (approx.):including single shank ripper – 36800

Blade Specifications General

BLADE ATTACHMENT 1 – Standard Machine:Tilt Semi u blade

Overall length with dozer:5937 With ripper – 7751

Max. Lift above ground / height (mm):1231

Max. Drop below ground/ Max digging depth:582

Blade / Dozing Capacity (Cum):11.24

Mass in (kg) Dozer Blade attachment / Dozing weight:4570 kg

Blade width (mm):3940

Blade height (mm):1698

BLADE ATTACHMENT (Optional blade):Not available

Overall length with dozer:

Max. Lift above ground / Max lifting height (mm):

Max. Drop below ground / Maximum digging depth:

Blade / Dozing Capacity (Cum):

Mass in (kg) Dozer Blade attachment / Dozing weight:

Blade width (mm):

Blade height (mm):

SYSTEM FLUID CAPACITY / Coolant and Lubricant

System (Refilling):Litres

Cooling System / Coolant (L):60

Fuel tank (L):753

Engine Oil (Crank case):47

Transmission, torque convertor:167

Bevel gear case and steering

Final drive (each side):23

Hydraulic tank:100


Type:The braking clutch is pressed by spring, separated hydraulic, meshed type Wet banding structure

Control / Actuation type:foot brake, hydraulic booster

CABIN:Sealed cabin with air conditioner with ROPS

INSTRUMENTATION:Hour meter, fuel gauge, temperature gauge, battery charge indicator, horn, oil pressure gauge, front light, rear lights, plough lights, indicator lights

ADDITIONAL ATTACHMENTS:1). Stage III engine, 2). 3 shank rippers, 3). Single shank ripper

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