Rhinoplasty: Not As Scary As It Sounds

Rhinoplasty: Not As Scary As It Sounds


Abigail Aaronson

Okay, jokes aside, rhinoplasty is a serious business. Every year hundreds of thousands of patients go under the knife to have their nose worked on. Some cases are purely for cosmetic reasons. Others are necessary reconstructions due to illnesses or accidents. Anyone that has received this work from a physician or surgeon knows that it is nothing to be fearful of no scary dinosaurs or weird diseases.

Generally nose jobs are an elective surgery done for cosmetic reasons. The nose is a prominent fixture on a person s face. The nose is generally the combination of the genetics of biological parents. A person can t choose their parents. Likewise, a person is unable to choose the way their natural nose looks, unless they are willing to pursue cosmetic surgery.


A nose job is one of the most common forms of cosmetic surgery procedures available today. Many people are unhappy with the shape of their nose and elect to have surgery. Noses can be reshaped rather easily. Common treatments are done to the bridge of a nose, making it appear smaller or less prominent. Work is also often done on the cartilage at the base of the nose surrounding the nostrils; again, mainly to make the area less prominent.

It is suggested that most nose jobs are done as an elective, cosmetic surgical procedure. Reconstructive surgery for the nose has its place in society as well. When a patient undergoes reconstructive surgery on their nose, they are often doing it to improve the function of the nose. Occasionally the nose will lose some of its function. This can be caused by any number of things from accidents to disease.

Reconstructive surgical procedures on the nose are very similar to those procedures used by the cosmetic surgeons. In fact, a cosmetic surgeon will often be used for these purposes. Because the nose, it s cartilage and bones are such a fine, specific area of the face, a specialist is often needed when it comes to reshaping.

IF you are interested in rhinoplasty for yourself or are researching the procedure for someone you know, be assured that the procedure is very simple. Although the process needs to be performed by a specialist, the surgery and recovery time is nothing to be worried about. Having a nose job is an easy way to deal with the difficult aesthetic or functionality issues that you have dealt with throughout your life.

There are many reasons to consider rhinoplasty, all of which are extremely personal. If you are curious about how a nose job may change or improve your life, talk with a cosmetic surgeon. They will be glad to help you understand the common, everyday nose job. You will quickly learn it is nothing to be afraid of.

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