How To Get High Pr Backlinks To Explode Your Search Rankings

How to Get High PR Backlinks to Explode Your Search Rankings


Paul K. Carder

Backlinks as you may already know are the cornerstones of off page search engine optimization or SEO. Yes, there are different situations, each with its own set of special qualities and requirements in order to rank well. But the smartest thing you can do if you want backlinks is to get the best and highest quality possible. Most people choose quantity over quality, and that’s fine if it works for them. If you have high quality, along with several other important factors, then you do not need tens of thousands. The following tips will give you the tools you need to get high PR backlinks for your sites.

It’s always best to be cautious about exchanging links with others, and you never want to deal with link farms, as these are very low quality links that will only hurt you. Google watches the quality of your links and it will only harm your site’s ranking if you aren’t careful from whom you get your backlinks. On the other hand, Google does seem to like it if you link to authority sites from your site. It all depends on the kind of site you have as well as your particular marketing strategy. Owners of authority sites should be especially careful about where they get their links from, and should only exchange with sites close to their own PR. If you use it correctly, you can make good use of an often applied strategy to get high PR backlinks. There are many software applications that get backlinks for you by creating profiles at various bookmarking sites, forums and even blogs. While this is sometimes considered a black or gray hat approach, you can also do it ethically, by creating legitimate profiles for each site. This can be an effective way to build lots of quality backlinks, but make sure you use anchor text with well researched keywords. Then you’ll have quality backlinks from high PR sites, and anchor text that helps you rank for your keywords. Even better, choose sites that are in the same niche as your main site.


Another very good source of backlinks comes from privately owned networks that sell backlink packages from their network. But avoid confusing these backlinks with a lot of the crap that people sell for cheap. What we are referring to are individual sites selling very specific link spaces on other sites. So, with all that said we will now tell you now to buy them, ever. You may get away with it for a while, or may never be found – maybe. You will be heavily penalized by Google if you are caught using them. Of course we do not feel it is worth risking all you have worked for. You can find all kinds of software for various backlinking strategies and methods. Software is designed to automate the process for you. But, we very strongly urge you to be an extremely cautious shopper with these software programs. Don’t purchase something like this just because the advertising is effective, and you can’t even believe every testimonial you read. The sales copy for these products are not likely to tell you the whole story, so don’t rush into buying something like this. Search and look in forums for the truth – big hint.

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.However, it is best for you to uncover your own sources of high PR backlinks as well. How many will you be able to find?

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