Cheap Car Parking At The Airport Does Not Always Mean You Get Yourself A Cheap Deal

Cheap car parking at the Airport does not always mean you get yourself a cheap deal


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One extra headache that you simply don\’t need in addition to all your other plans when travelling is attempting to find cheap airport parking which is near the terminal with good security. Like a flight attendant, I\’m often asked to provide advice about whether it\’s worth parking inside the airport, getting a taxi or having a friend give you a lift – the reality is that that entirely depends upon how much time your vacation is predicted being, where you reside and just how big the airport parking is. Here are the different choices you may well be faced with, and my ideas on the easiest way to go.

Premium Parking

Sometimes once the word \”premium\” is attached, people read it \”unnecessarily expensive\” but this isn\’t always the case if time is money – if parking in premium makes the distinction between a thirty second walk and a bus transfer, you may be better off paying that bit extra. These are usually very secure with CCTV technology and patrols, although it\’s best to ask them yourself which kind of security they offer. You can expect to usually be asked to book beforehand, which provides you a greater portion of the chance to find deals for premium cheap airport parking online, and also you know you\’ll be guaranteed a parking spot, which can take just one single more worry off the hands.

Short or Long Stay Parking


The distance involving the normal long stay parking along with the airport is usually approximately a five minute walk, although it may be a lot longer, along with kids and heavy luggage it\’ll sure feel as if it. In terms of security, they mostly have CCTV and a lot more are utilizing Automatic Number Plate Recognition making getting in and out as elementary as pie; they have the added good thing about having the ability to hold on to your keys while you\’re on holiday, so no unscrupulous park attendees can take a joy ride. As you might expect, the more time you stay the higher the savings on cost; if it\’s likely to amount to 80 for the week but nearly 60 only for 72 hours, it only counts as cheap airport parking if you\’re there for a long time. When your plane is delayed for whatever reason, you\’ll be glad that you parked somewhere where additional time has limitations and won\’t be conned.

Parking Away From the Airport

When you can\’t find any cheap airport parking in the convenient place, sometimes you will discover something a tad bit more unofficial. In order to park outside the airport you\’ll should do lots of research – you don\’t wish to find somewhere super cheap to park only to discover that the price of a taxi bumps it right up. If you\’ve found somewhere nearby to park, check out how long it\’s likely to help you get to reach the actual airport and whether you\’ll want a shuttle or perhaps a taxi. The greatest downside of this type of parking is they should probably keep your keys, which might be a reason for concern with a few people.

Other Car Parking Options

If you\’re going to a huge airport, there will not be any cheap airport parking to choose from, whereby costs might be saved through a park and ride by using a secure lot and regular shuttle bus service. If your flight is early every morning, or perhaps you live a considerable distance from your airport, it might be best to remain in the airport hotel overnight, maintain your car with their parking area, and have a transfer in or walk, depending on how close you will be. For the easiest possible solution, you might have to pay for a valet or \”meet and greet parking\”, whereby a worker meets both you and your car at the terminal and parks it to suit your needs as you jet off. It\’s an entirely hassle-free method to travel, and following the journey your automobile will probably be waiting there for you personally because of that helpful driver. It isn\’t cheap, but you\’ll save yourself much time, planning and hassle.

Public Transport

Sometimes, it will be best to stay away from the hassle of finding cheap airport parking together, and simply bite the bullet and obtain a taxi, lift or bus towards the airport. A taxi will save on transfer times as it might drop you off directly beyond the airport, but carries a few pitfalls regardless – if you\’re a nervous traveller, the taxi being 10 mins late might cause all kinds of unnecessary stress, and when you have one visit pick you up you will probably to get buy short-term parking on top of your usual costs.

Some websites even have deals on pre-booked cheap airport parking; don\’t feel you need to pay whatever fee the airport ask.

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