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WhirlyBird Repellera Simple, Safe, and Effective Solution to Repelling Nuisance Birds


Whirlybird Repeller

The US Coast Guard, Irvin House Vineyards and satisfied customers around the nation all say the WhirlyBird Repeller really works.

Whats more frustrating than having to clean your boat after each use? Having to scrub it before each use because of bird droppings that accumulated since your last boating trip! The WhirlyBird Repeller solves this problem. Conceived of and manufactured in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, the WhirlyBird Repeller is shaped like a peregrine falcon and is a turbine that spins and wobbles in the wind and reflects sunlight in a constantly changing manner that frightens birds and prevents them from becoming acclimated. The WhirlyBird safely and effectively repels nuisance birds such as gulls, pigeons, crows, blackbirds, sparrows, starlings, and more.

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People get tired of cleaning up after nuisance birds, and bird droppings are unsightly, unsanitary and can cause major damage to boat canvas and other property. The Whirly Bird Repeller keeps birds away from boats, docks, navigational aids, communication and electrical transmission towers, vineyards, berry farms, and other commercial and residential settings where bird droppings are a problem.

The US Coast Guard was the first to test the WhirlyBird Repeller. BMC A.J. White stated that, Since the WhirlyBirds were installed [on our navigational aids], there has not been a single discrepancy related to excessive guano on those aids. Since then, the WhirlyBird Repeller has been successfully used in Charleston and beyond, not only on the water, but also in other applications. For example, the WhirlyBird Repeller was used the last three seasons at Irvin House Vineyards on Wadmalaw Island, SC, where bird foraging of the grapes was a problem. The WhirlyBird worked wonders and increased their grape yield by 15 to 20 percent. The WhirlyBird was also successfully used by St. James Episcopal Church to stop crows from slamming into the large plate glass windows of its Ministry Center building.

The WhirlyBird Repeller comes pre-assembled, is tough enough to withstand storm-force winds, and is virtually maintenance free with no electricity or batteries required. It works best when mounted high to catch the wind and reflect sunlight on surrounding surfaces, and is easily mounted on the tops of pilings, docks, and boats. In fact, mounting is relatively easy and the options are endless. The WhirlyBird can also be mounted on top of a piling using the Starboard mount that comes enclosed, or mounted in a vertical fishing rod holder by connecting the WhirlyBird to a section of PVC pipe (using the enclosed PVC pipe connectors), or mounted to a standard antenna mount using the connector (also enclosed).

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